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OLFEN Wearable Open-Top K9 Penis Sleeve - BEAST

Discreet Made-to-Order Fantasy Inspired Dildos

Beast Dildo specialises in handmade, made-to-order animal & fantasy-inspired dildos. All of our toys comes with a lifetime warranty. They're also poured from platinum-cured silicone. One of the purest forms available. Our items ship from either the USA or Europe. With our average shipping time sitting at 5 days worldwide. Free of charge.

Your Lifetime Warranty on Every Purchase.

Ever been stuck with faulty goods? Us too. Feels bad. That'swhy your dildo (or any item) is insured for life. Any manufacturerfault or defects are completely covered by us. Whether it be on arrival,in 3 months or 5 years.

Platinum-Cured Silicone, Every Time.

Every single BEAST dildo is poured from medical-grade platinum-cured silicone.

Easy to use, easy to clean and 100% safe for your body- that's our guarantee.

Product Details

What if you could BECOME the BEAST?

Powerful, enhanced, endless stamina.

How would you feel knowing that YOU are the source of infinite waves pleasure? Thicker, harder and textured. Able to satifiy every single one of your partners needs & desires. Having them beg for more of you. Just you.

It's time for you to Become the Beast.


Introducing Olfen, The wearable dragon penis sleeve. The first of it's kind and an instant classic. Originally supposed to launch 2months from now. But we just couldn't wait. We needed this out.

Olfen was made for thrill. Put him over your penis for added length, girth and texture. Your partner will be full. Feel complete. Finally reach levels of ecstacy they didn't know they were yearning for.

We've added a lot of ribs, and dots and curves to the design. This is not just for aesthetics. Your partner will feel every single bump of this as you slide into them. The slight curature and enlarged head. Built to handle those hard to reach pleasure spots. Design is important.

The base boasts a cock ring. Pulling your testicle away from your body. The purpose of this is to delay ejaculation. So you can enjoy more pleasure for longer. The base of the sheath acts as a mild cock ring. Swelling and firming the penis, so it'll almost be bursting out of this beast- in the best way possible.

It's made of medical grade platinum silicone. Easy to clean and silky-soft to the touch. Almost a skin-to-skin feel. You''ll need to feel it to believe it.

Pleasure takes us by storm. 'Finishing' is great. But finishing when your partner wants more? Not so great. Your mind wants to. Your body wants to. But your member? not so much.

Merging with this beast means infinite stamina. Lovemaking never has to end until YOU want it to. You can be with your partner on demand. As many times and as intensely as you like . Any pace, any speed, any depth, Just imagine for a second- full, control.


If you have any questions about the lovely beast please feel free to drop me a message: :)

Shipping & Delivery

5-7 Days Worldwide Delivery. All customs and taxes are paid in advance. No surprise fees. Production takes 0-3 days depending on materials available.

Discreet Shipping Guarantee

DID YOU KNOW that we go the extra mile to ensure your privacy? How? Well. 

1. Triple-Layered Plain Packaging.

2. Shipping Labels showing only name and address.

3. Discreet bank statements.

FREE Leather Strap-On Belt with Every 2 Dildos Purchased