Origin Story

And so, Beast Dildo was born..

If you're reading this, then hello and welcome!
I'm Nathaniel. I design animal dildos in a small studio in London with my partner.

We got bored of the standard selection of Dildos that seem to be everywhere. One night we jokingly brainstormed dildo designs that would add some more thrill to our adventures. And somewhere along the line, we ended up actually giving the whole design thing a try!

We're new, ambitious and sometimes stumble here and there. But we have amazing ideas and great things planned. We're going to create a whole new category of sex toys that will blow your mind.
I only ask that you're patient with us while we get into our groove!

If you decide to support us, and trust in our work. Thank you! We really appreciate you.

Feel free to shoot us an e-mail if you'd like to talk animal dildos or accessories.